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Mansfield Marketing specializes in B2B digital marketing. We serve industrial, medical, and legal organizations in the private and government sectors. Every plan has measurable goals, and reports provide transparency in the work we do as the steward of your marketing plan. You keep ownership of accounts and assets. We get the job done with or without your participation.

Long sales cycles and complex products and services are familiar territory. We offer compliant marketing and advertising plans for regulated industries such as energy, medical, legal, financial, oil & gas, and environmental services.

Mansfield Marketing Specializes in B2B and Industrial Digital Marketing for Houston Businesses

Your marketing plan might be an advertising campaign, or a more aggressive plan to include SEO and social media. Penetrating tougher markets calls for direct mail, print, or broadcast media. We can generate sales, sales leads, and new clients. Call on us to give your company the edge it needs to acquire new business.

Measure what matters for your business with your customized KPI reporting dashboard: gross sales, sales leads, or potential clients. We measure the ROI from your marketing investment with an unrivaled level of accuracy.

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Client Reporting Dashboard:

Monthly reports? No, we do not wait until the end of a month to determine your account performance. We do provide constantly updated dashboards which display your current KPI (Key Performance Indicator) metric. We know your KPI without having to ask. This is essential to your success, as we can report your true KPI and help to improve it.

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Gross Sales Key Performance Indicator Available:

We can measure what really matters: gross sales, sales leads or potential clients. Choose your own KPI with our customized dashboards on selected plans.

Report dashboards are customized to display data that is most relevant to each client.

For a live demonstration of our reporting system please call (713) 936-5557.

What Our Clients Are Saying
Rated 5/5 based on 18 customer reviews
Doug Mansfield has worked with me on the 3 Men Movers paid search strategy over the last year - with excellent results. I came in very new to Adwords and needed to get up to speed quickly. Not only did he educate me on the basics, I have since met with him several times for deeper level analysis. His whole team is incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable across all digital marketing verticals.
The entire staff at Mansfield Marketing goes above an beyond meeting the expectations of their clients. They are always there to hep us by explaining different products and services that they offer and have definitely helped our business grow. We would definitely recommend Mansfield Marketing to other businesses in the area!
Phenomenal. That's been my experience with Mansfield Marketing. A smart, creative, and hardworking firm. I've never received a bill I was not beyond happy to pay. And the compliments I've received from people that have paid thousands more for inferior products are noteworthy. Mansfield Marking keeps delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for our law firm. We are proud to have them on our team.
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