Social Networking Services by Mansfield Marketing

Social Network Marketing by Mansfield MarketingControl your message, build your brand, improve your reputation, and increase conversion rates with our professionally managed social networking campaign service. Engage your audience and inspire them to take action. If you do not have an audience to engage yet then let us create one for you. Make your business known on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or other social networks.

The Role of Social Networking in Your Marketing Plan

As with SEO and advertising, social networking must have an objective, a specific role to play in the strategy to grow your business. Having a Facebook company page because your competitors have one too is not an objective or a strategy. We can do better than that.

The objective of social networking depends on the type of business. Most of our clients are in competitive industries where customers have a choice of who to buy from. Potential customers perform research, they “Google” you and your company, they ask associates and friends, they investigate before making the decision to buy. For these clients we use social marketing to influence that decision in our favor.

Choosing The Right Social Networks For Your Business

Of the many social networks available, which are the right ones for your business? We can help determine the answer. Here is the list of social networks we typically work with:

  • Facebook (B2B and B2C. Local or Global networking)
  • LinkedIn (B2B primarily. Local or global networking)
  • Twitter (B2B and B2C. Local or Global networking)
  • Instagram (B2C primarily. Local networking only)
  • Industry-specific networks. (Used for specific industries)

Start Reaching Your Audience Today

Call us today to request a written proposal to manage your social networking. Build a real audience, a real asset, and share your message with our help. We will help you determine the right social networks for your industry.

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