Online Advertising Management Service from Mansfield Marketing

Online Advertising Service from Mansfield MarketingReach up to 90% of internet users through our expert online advertising management services. Success in online advertising depends as much on reaching the right people as it does on not paying to advertise to the wrong people, and we excel in this ability. Reach Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™, AOL™, and Ask™ search engine users through Mansfield Marketing. Our service is human managed, not automated with software. You keep ownership of your advertising accounts. We charge a flat rate to optimize and administer your accounts, and we take no commissions on your advertising fees.

Advertising for Competitive Industries

We perform expert online advertising management services, commonly referred to as Search Engine Marketing or SEM, for businesses in competitive industries. Using Google AdWords or Bing Ads to advertise your business does not make you special any longer. It is easy enough for anyone to become your competitor. Years of experience and mastery at inspiring visitors to take action sets us apart. Our clients already have competitors who are “good” at internet advertising, we need to be better, and we are.

Conversion Consulting Built In

One of the greatest determining factors in the success of any online advertising campaign is how you handle the visitor who follows the ad and lands on your website. We are experts at predicting, measuring, and changing how visitors interact with your website to produce more desired resulting actions, such as sales leads, for your business. For those who wish to be more aggressive and efficient we track the marketing source of every conversion and help get that information into a preferred CRM for extremely accurate ROI analysis each month.

Reach Up To 90% of Internet Users

We can take your message to over 90% of internet users through Google™, Yahoo™, AOL™, and Bing™ search engines, as well as a network of hundreds of thousands of partner websites. We can get the right message to the right people. This includes text ads on the search engine results pages and rich graphic ads or even video ads on their huge network of participating website properties.

One of the advantages of online advertising over search engine optimization is speed of deployment, adjustment, and results. In just days, sometimes in just hours, your ad campaign can start producing sales and new customers. When the product or service you want to promote changes, no need to wait for search engines to index the changes on your website, give us the order and your target product and customer can turn on a dime.

Not Just Google Text Ads

Online advertising can take many forms. Displaying text ads on search results pages works well, but consider other ways we can reach your target customer:

  1. Graphic banner display ads with your logo on websites your customers may frequent.
  2. Remarketing campaigns that “follow” potential visitors across different websites.
  3. Video advertisements displayed in different websites with relevant content.
  4. And of course search engine results page text ads.

Social Network Advertising

Many social networks allow paid advertising. Our advertising services can incorporate social ads into your advertising plan to reach a wider audience with additional demographic choices. View our social networking page for more information about social advertising.

How We Manage Ad Accounts

We believe that you should have the information and power to do as you choose. We only charge a management fee. You will know exactly what is spent on ads because you pay Google and Bing Ads directly. You will keep ownership of your ad accounts. We require no contract. If we are not meeting your expectations then simply walk away. This very rarely happens. We manage accounts as if our livelihood depends on it, because it does.

We Provide Complete Online Marketing Services

Online advertising is a proven method of growing business, but it is not the only method. We also provide expert SEO and Social Networking, among other services. During the initial consultation we will suggest which method is best for meeting your goals. We know that a single online marketing strategy is not right for every business.

How to Start Your Expert Online Advertising Campaign

Contact us today by email or phone, or visit us in person. We will answer all of your questions and provide a simple proposal for services without high pressure sales tactics.