Digital Marketing Service Packages from Mansfield Marketing

Marketing Service Package from Mansfield MarketingSEO + Business Listings + Advertising + Social Marketing + Website Content Updates + Reviews & Reputation Management + New Website Discounts – With a Marketing Service Package from Mansfield Marketing you get more services for less cost. When we control all of your marketing services, we have more control over the outcome. You get more sales and sales leads and a higher return on your marketing investment. Let us manage each aspect of your marketing campaign while you run your business.

Coordinated Strategies Work Better

When your website, SEO, advertising, and social network campaigns are managed by a single source, the marketing message becomes clear. Potential clients and customers begin to form a different picture of who you are, a picture that puts you above the competition. Let us be that manager by selecting a Marketing Service Package from Mansfield Marketing.

Advertising Management at No Cost

With marketing packages, Google and Bing Ads Certified advertising management is built in at no additional cost. This eliminates any incentive to spend money on ads unless they measurably improve your KPI. We do not take a commission on your ad spend. You pay Google AdWords and/or Bing Ads directly for advertising fees and know exactly how much of your budget is being spent on ads.

Constant Optimization and Updates

Get your business on board one of our Marketing Service Packages and problems will be discovered and solved while you run your business. Aggressive online marketing efforts are always underway. We are accustomed to working with business owners. We know how busy you are and we don’t let that stop us from getting the job done. We stay busy pushing you ahead of your competition.

Experts On Call When You Need Them

When you hire Mansfield Marketing you have true professionals on call for any related task which arises. And when you are busy running your business, we stay busy pushing you ahead of the competition. Hire Mansfield Marketing and put our experience to work for business every month.

Advanced Sales Lead Tracking

Advanced sales conversion and phone tracking are included with most packages. You will know the marketing source (Organic, AdWords, Bing Ads, Newsletter, Etc.) of every email and phone call without asking “How did you find us?”. Store this data in SalesForce, or your preferred CRM, to determine your ROI. If you do not have a CRM or customer database to store lead tracking data then one can be provided for you. We push our clients to measure results because we are proud of the results we produce.

Get Out of React Mode

For many businesses online marketing is in a constant reactionary state. Changes are made when problems need to be fixed. Sales leads are down, so we need help with the advertising campaign. There is inaccurate information on the website, so we need a web designer. Our business does not show up on Google Maps, who do we call for that? While our clients are busy running their business, we stay ahead of these problems by managing and optimizing websites, SEO, ads, and social media at regular intervals.

Return On Investment Analyzation Built In

Our clients must succeed. Services are provided month-to-month with no long term contract. If we do not live up to expectations then you may simply stop paying. This is by design and makes us somewhat unique in the online marketing service world. We believe too many businesses pay for advertising and marketing with the same enthusiasm as the phone bill. Our clients see results, they are excited about what we are doing, and you will be too.

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