CSR Consulting Service from Mansfield Marketing

Customer Service Consulting from Mansfield MarketingYou expect to generate sales and revenue from your marketing dollars and Customer Service Representative Consulting helps make sure that you do. We give a numerical score to inbound phone calls based on several important criteria. Then we track this score month-over-month and provide you with actionable data to improve your organization’s handling of customer inquiries, and the conversion of calls into sales.

CSR Consulting is Built in to Our Sales Consulting Service and Marketing Service Packages

Our Marketing Service Packages bundle multiple services to generate sales opportunities for your business. At certain levels these packages include Sales Consulting. When Sales Consulting is included you get these important services focused on growing revenue: Gross sales KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and CSR Consulting. This means that Mansfield Marketing is more accountable to your growth in terms of sales revenue.

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