Agency Partner Program from Mansfield Marketing

We offer transparent services and agency discounts to: marketing agencies, website designers, website developers, IT companies, print shops, and other related businesses. As a partner, you can resell our services at list price to your clients and retain their services as your own. Your clients won’t pay any more than if they came to us directly. Hire Mansfield Marketing on an hourly rate for occasional help with your client accounts, or flat rate for complete service of of the SEO, advertising, or social marketing campaigns.

White Label Program Explained

If you operate a marketing, programming, or I.T. related business, such as web design, SEO, graphic design, mobile app development, or PPC management, then you may face a common dilemma: Your clients may ask for online marketing services which you do not typically provide. Previously you had two choices: Refer clients to another company, or try to manage services outside your normal scope so clients would not hire another company. We provide a better choice!

Keep Your Clients, We Do the Hard Work and Share the Profits With You

  1. Keep your client and receive generous portions of the account revenue, while we perform the hard work.
  2. You invoice your clients at our list price, the same price we charge our own clients.
  3. We invoice you below list price for any service we provide.
  4. You keep the difference as net profit.

Your Clients Receive High Quality Services With ZERO Markup

Your clients pay the same fees we charge our own clients. There is no middleman fee, no penalty to your clients when you ask us to help. Your clients receive the same high quality service and attention as our own clients do, and at the same price.

List of White Label Services We Provide

We provide a full suite of services to help any business get more sales, sales leads, or potential clients. Here is a list of our primary online marketing services.

  1. Advertising Management
  2. Google AdWords Management (Google™, Ask™, and AOL™)
  3. Bing Ads Management (Bing™ and Yahoo™)
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Website Development
  6. Social Networking, Email Marketing, and more

We Are Certified, Accredited, Trusted Experts

Mansfield Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Company. We live and breathe online advertising and understand the entire process, not just getting clicks. We take the same approach with SEO and all other services. We only sell services we perform very well. It isn’t enough to be “good” in the world of online marketing. Your clients already have many competitors who are “good” at it. We need to be better, and we are.

You Need To Be Pre-Approved To Sell Our Services

Well, if you want our help that is. Obviously, we need to know each other as we will be working together. Please call us at (713) 936-5557 or write us at to get started.

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