• Precision Services

    Precision marketing services by Mansfield Marketing

    Choose the exact services you need to complete your marketing strategy. Is your marketing plan only missing SEO? This is the service for you.

    Starts at $975
    (Per month)

  • Marketing Navigator

    Get plugged in to our awesome marketing monitoring system and meet with experts each month to review strategy and create tasks. Do the work yourself.

    Starts at $349
    (Per month)

  • Marketing Consulting by Mansfield Marketing

    Sit down with an expert in a field of your choosing and get educated. Learn what you need and leave the rest behind.

    Starts at $150
    (Per hour)

  • Service Packages

    Attend a scheduled marketing workshop in person at designated Houston educational facilities. Want to do it yourself or be smarter about hiring someone to do it for you? This is for you.

    Starts at $30
    (Per seat)

Precision Marketing Services

Pay only for the service you need to complete your marketing plan

Add-on Marketing Services

Available only as add-ons to full marketing service clients

Online Marketing Services by Mansfield Marketing

Mansfield Marketing gives small and medium sized businesses the power of their own marketing department at a lower cost and with greater effectiveness. Our primary services are: Advertising Management, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Networking, Business Websites, and Marketing Packages which encompass all three campaigns (Ads, SEO, and Social). We also manage traditional media when called for. For those who want to give their own marketing teams a tune-up we also provide classroom and on site internet marketing training.

Example Client Reporting Dashboard

Dashboard preview head

Gross Sales Key Performance Indicator Available

Dashboard preview sales

Report dashboards are customized to display data that is most relevant to each client.
For a live demonstration of our reporting system please call (713) 936-5557.