Social Marketing Plans by Mansfield Marketing

Social network marketing by Mansfield Marketing Social network marketing services are provided with all marketing packages. Higher levels of service include more expert copywriting services to create content worth sharing and more frequent updates across more networks. Networks are hand picked for each client. Different networks work better for B2B than B2C businesses.

Social marketing pricing is organized into 4 simple tiers.  Choose your tier level by deciding how large a role social media should play in your marketing strategy. Some industries benefit more from social media than others. Some of our clients require bold and assertive social networking profiles, profiles that build a loyal and active audience. Others only require a relevant presence. For these clients we need to make sure the “lights are on” when a prospective client or customer encounters their Facebook or Google+ page, but they are not in a social-centric industry. From big to small, we can fulfill your social networking needs.

Custom Social Marketing Proposals for Unique Businesses

The social marketing tiers in the table above are a good fit for most of our clients. Special cases come along, and we make accommodations as needed. For example, if you have a large number of different services to advertise, or ads in multiple languages, then we will need to create a custom proposal.

Choosing The Right Social Networks For Your Business

Of the many social networks available, which are the right ones for your business? We can help determine the answer. Here is the list of social marketing networks we typically work with:

  • Facebook (B2C primarily. B2B in some cases. Local or Global networking)
  • Google+ (B2B and B2C. Local or global networking)
  • LinkedIn (B2B primarily. Local or global networking)
  • Pinterest (B2C primarily. Graphic networking primarily. Some exceptions.)
  • Twitter (B2B and B2C. Local or Global networking)
  • Foursquare (B2C primarily. Local networking only)
  • Industry-specific networks. (Used for specific industries)

Start Reaching Your Audience Today

Call us today to request a written proposal to manage your social network marketing. Build a real audience, a real asset, and share your message with our help. We will help you determine the right social networks for your industry.