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Search Engine Optimization by Mansfield Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are provided in all marketing packages and is our only standalone service available. An affordable Tier 1 plan is a good fit for local and niche businesses, but a more aggressive plan may be right for your business. The right level of SEO service is determined by your level of competition and desired results measured in volume of direct sales, sales leads, or new clients. SEO is a long term investment in your business with lasting results when performed correctly.

SEO Pricing  is organized into 4 simple tiers. Your Competition Level determines which tier level is right for your business. You will help us determine which keyword phrases are best to grow your business, but the competition level for those keyword phrases will determine the tier level we need to use. We use SEO industry standard tools to find the best keyword phrases. The best keywords phrases are 1) Relevant to your potential client or customer’s needs, 2) Have the lowest number of competing website pages, and 3) Have the highest search volume. See our SEO Services page for more information. You really should read this page before making a decision.

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SEO for Highly Competitive Industries

Most businesses are well served using one of the four tiers outline in the table above. This table does not cover businesses who operate in the highest levels of competition and who require custom proposals, which we are happy to provide. Exceptions also occur when we discover that manipulative practices have previously been used for your website. The term “manipulative” does not always mean “black hat”. For example, and unfortunately, it is still common practice for some SEO companies who promise 1000’s of links to use automated backlink building programs or outsourced backlink labor. While not “blackhat” by some definitions, this causes damage to search engine rankings which needs to be repaired.

Which SEO Tier Level is Right for My Business?

The tier level is determined by the Competition Level for your selected keyword phrases. For example, the keyword phrase “Pearland gardening supplies” would be Tier 1 while “Texas attorney” would be Tier 4. There are far more website pages trying to rank high in search results for the term “Texas attorney” than for “Pearland gardening supplies”. We dedicate more time and effort to more competitive keyword phrases.

How Keyword Phrases And Competition Level Are Determined

Keyword phrases, such as “Kingwood auto repair”, are selected based on Search Volume and Competition Level. We want the highest Search Volume with the lowest Competition Level. This requires reliable data and research. We use data from Google and other sources to determine the best the SEO keyword phrases. We use the industry standard MOZ Keyword Difficulty score to determine the actual Competition Level.

What Is My “Competition Level”?

By that we mean the competition for specific keyword phrases by other website pages. You may be wondering what the right keywords are for your business, or what your actual competition level is? No dead reckoning required. We can find the number of competing website pages, how well they are doing in SEO terms, and finally determine the Tier Level required for you to overcome them in search engine results pages (SERPS).

Experienced SEO Shoppers And Newcomers Welcome

Some clients come to us with predetermined keyword phrases and are aware of their competition level. These clients are typically experienced with SEO shopping and looking for a company, like ours, who can improve their results. Other clients are newcomers to paying for SEO and need guidance. For these clients we perform free SEO research. Minor differences in keyword phrases, such as swapping two words around, can make a big difference in your competition level, the price you pay for SEO services, and ultimately in your success.

How To Start Your SEO Campaign With Mansfield Marketing

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