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The Essential Parts of Your Marketing Plan

SEO service is important, but it is not a marketing plan.

Online advertising is not a marketing plan.

SEO, advertising, social marketing, or a new website are valuable services, but these things are not a plan. A marketing plan starts with a measurable goal, such as increasing sales leads or new client inquiries. Then come the services and tasks to be executed at specific intervals which will move us towards that goal. Last, and just as important as the first two parts of the plan, we need to measure results accurately and use those measurements to improve future results. Paying for services and expecting the results of a plan usually leads to disappointment. We can start your business down the right path with a sound marketing plan.

Measuring Results Requires a KPI

Your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is how results are measured and reported. If sales leads are what you seek then we will not only measure the number of phone calls and emails, we will stamp each one with a known marketing source, such as “Google AdWords” or “Organic Listing”. Stop asking “How did you find us?” because you will already know, and so will we.  Other common KPIs include direct sales for an ecommerce website and potential new clients for legal, medical, or other professional services.

Is Your Current KPI Visitors or Search Engine Rank?

We want more website visitors, and we want higher rank in search engine results pages, but these things are notoriously poor KPIs when growing our business is the goal. It would be much better if we could measure not only the number of actual potential customers, but also their intent to engage us and become a new customer or client. This requires more than technical know-how, it requires an understanding of human behavior and an expertly managed sales process. That is what we do at Mansfield Marketing.

Expert Advice Minus the Sales Pitch

We will suggest a plan and specific marketing services which meet your goals and budget. We will not steer you towards services that meet our sales quota. Mansfield Marketing provides paid advertising, SEO, social marketing, email marketing and more. Is Google AdWords or SEO a better investment for your business? The answer is not the same for every business. Call us now to find out and count on honest, expert advice.

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