Google Trusted Verifier for Google My Business Listings in Houston, TX

Mansfield Marketing provides free “Google My Business” listing verification services for businesses in the Houston, TX region. As a Google Trusted Verifier for Google My Business Listings, we can bypass the online verification process for instant verification and public listing of your business on Google Maps, desktop, and mobile business listings. This is a free service, provided you comply with the simple requirements listed on this page.

  1. Our fee to list your business on Google is $0.00. There is no cost to you.
  2. You must call us to schedule a 15-minute appointment for the business listing service.
  3. You must appear in person and present just one of these three documents on paper at the time of your appointment.
    1. Utility Bill
    2. Tax Document
    3. Business Registration Certificate

Follow these 3 steps and your business can be listed on the Google search engine the same day.

If you are not in the Houston, TX region, and are not able to appear in person at our office, we will not be able to verify your business. There are no exceptions.