Mobile Marketing Workshop

Mobile Marketing WorkshopIn Mobile Marketing we examine how to make your business website usable, navigable, and friendly for mobile device users. We also share tips on how to influence search engines to display your website for people searching for you on a mobile device.

These Questions About Mobile Marketing Will Be Answered

  • What is the difference between a mobile website and a responsive website, and which do I need?
  • How do I discover what devices people are using to view my site now?
  • Can I convert my existing website into a mobile-friendly website?
  • How do search engines rank websites differently on some devices?
  • How do I build a user-friendly interface and content for smartphone visitors?
  • What do the terms “multi-device” and “multi-screen” compatible mean?
  • How can I see what my website looks like for users of different devices?

How To Register For The Mobile Marketing Workshop

Please visit the University of Houston Small Business Development Center workshop calendar to find the next available workshop, to register, and for pricing information.

Suggested prerequisite: Websites-101 (Not Required)

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