Digital Marketing Education from Mansfield Marketing

Digital Marketing EducationEducating business owners and managers to create and execute their own digital marketing is a years-old tradition with Mansfield Marketing. Educational services are typically provided as workshops on a volunteer basis. Workshop presentations are presented from an assumed “do it yourself” perspective by Doug Mansfield, founder and president.

Why is Mansfield Marketing Invested in Education?

As Houston’s designated “Google Certified Small Business Trainer” in 2011, our founder and president, Doug Mansfield, established a curriculum of digital marketing workshops with the University of Houston Small Business Development Center. When Google discontinued the certified trainer program, Doug continued to teach, to expand the library of workshops, and spread out to audiences with SCORE Houston, Lone Star College, and other institutions.

But why invest considerable time into teaching others how to do for themselves what we (Mansfield Marketing) also sell as a service? It’s not for profit, Doug volunteers to teach workshops with few exceptions and attendees are never solicited to become clients. Notoriety is one reason, but not the largest. We do it because we learn more than we teach.

Attendees are invited to challenge answers, to explain why best practices don’t apply to their unique business model, to test Doug’s knowledge and reasoning behind presentation materials. The tougher the audience, the more we all learn and the more fun we have.