What if I don’t know what website platform I have now?

Doug Mansfield Education

During the Websites-101 workshop on May 17, 2017 we discussed selecting the best website platform for your business. The question was asked, “What if I don’t know what website platform I have now?”

So, you have a website but you do not know if it uses the WordPress platform, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, or something else. How can you find out what you have now?

  • Try using www.builtwith.com. Enter the URL of your site in the form and BuiltWith will provide a list of technologies and services used with the domain.
  • Or, visit your website in a browser > right click anywhere on the page > select “view page source” from the context menu. Then ctrl+f (find on page) for “wp”. If the site is WordPress then a search for wp will return 50+ instances, easy. Because WordPress is so common this works often.
  • You can also access the administrator login page for most WordPress websites by typing /wp-admin to the end of the domain. Visit any website like www.example.com and change the URL in your address bar to www.example.com/wp-admin . If you see a login screen then you have a WordPress website.

You may not have a “website platform” or CMS (Content Management System) at all. Your website may be good old fashioned “static HTML”. There is nothing wrong with a static HTML website, it just means the administrator login page you are looking for to manage your website does not exist. Instead you need to use software like Adobe Dreamweaver to connect via FTP and edit the pages.

If you attended this workshop and get stuck trying to figure out what you have and what to do then contact Mansfield Marketing and ask for Doug Mansfield. We will schedule a 30 minute consultation with our professional website developer to get you answers at no charge.

IMPORTANT! Workshop Q&A’s like this one are presented within the context of “What can small business owners do for themselves and what is realistic to do yourself vs. hiring a professional”. Depending on your skill level and available time some of the suggestions we make may require professional guidance or execution. We hope you are inspired to try your hand at marketing your own business if that is your goal. If you decide that professional assistance is required then consider our professional website design and development services.