Can you change a website platform?

Doug Mansfield Education

During the Websites-101 workshop on May 17, 2017 we discussed selecting the best website platform for your business. The question was asked, “Can you change a website platform?”

Yes, you can change the website platform, but not easily. For example, suppose you have a website now which is built using and you want to use the WordPress platform instead. Your best option is to > Install WordPress on a temporary domain > Copy all of the content from your Wix website (Text and graphics) to your computer > Upload and/or paste the content into your new WordPress website. When the new WordPress website is ready you may need assistance from your website host and registrar to change the domain and DNS settings. It is not a simple process for beginners.

It is much more simple to > Copy all of the content from your Wix website to your computer > Close the Wix account and open a website host account with HostGator or GoDaddy > Install WordPress and follow your website host instructions to change the DNS to point to your WordPress website > Then finish building your WordPress website. Big disadvantage to this method – Your website will be under construction during the process, however it is more simple.

With few exceptions, there is no “Convert Website to Platform X button”. It is possible the ability to export your existing website and import it to the new website on a different platform exists. This is generally not a simple task and for a small website it will be easier to simply build the new website then copy and paste or upload the content to the new website manually.

Depending on which platforms you are transferring to and from, the complexity of your existing website structure, and the amount of content you have, this may be a step for which you want to bring in a professional website developer willing to work on an hourly rate.

IMPORTANT! Workshop Q&A’s like this one are presented within the context of “What can small business owners do for themselves and what is realistic to do yourself vs. hiring a professional”. Depending on your skill level and available time some of the suggestions we make may require professional guidance or execution. We hope you are inspired to try your hand at marketing your own business if that is your goal. If you decide that professional assistance is required then consider our professional website design and development services.