Google AdWords™ Certified Partner in Houston, TX

Mansfield Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and our employees are Google Qualified Individuals with multiple specializations. Below are descriptions of the benefits we can provide to your business through years of experience and training.

AdWords has earned a well deserved reputation as a highly effective advertising solution. However, it can also be a source of frustration and confusion to some business owners who have tried to go it alone. One of the great things about AdWords, is that it will allow even a beginner to spend money to generate visitors to a website. Whether or not that money actually generates new customers is another matter entirely. We can help you create AdWords campaigns designed to convert the highest possible percentage of website visitors into new customers or clients.

What Does Google Certified Really Mean?

Google Certified Professionals are trained and entrusted by Google, and meet criteria to provide specific services. We are not employees of Google, nor do we receive compensation from them for selling their products or services. When Google services are a good fit for your business, we can help you get the most from them. If there are better solutions, then we’ll share those with you as well. We remain an independent business and our mission remains to provide the best possible solution for our client’s businesses.

Google AdWords Compliance Notice

Not only is it required by Google, but it is also important to us at Mansfield Marketing, that clients who retain our services are aware of our third-party relationship as an AdWords Certified Partner. Please see Working with Third-Parties where Google explains this relationship and offers helpful advice for businesses considering hiring us to help manage their AdWords accounts.

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