Bing Ads™ Accredited Company in Houston, TX

Mansfield Marketing is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional Company, and our employees are Bing Ads™ Qualified Individuals. While Bing Ads is similar to Google AdWords in some respects, it is a very different advertising service. Newcomers sometimes import their Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads and wait for similar results, however the results are often lower when using this method. Let Mansfield Marketing help you – from our thorough training and years of experience, we know how to maximize results from Bing Ads.

Don’t Overlook Yahoo™ and Bing™ Users

It is important to note that advertising on Yahoo™ and Bing™ search engines can only be accomplished through Bing Ads. Yahoo™ and Bing™ also have their own network of participating website properties for display advertising. Your advertising message is missed by this audience when you only use Google AdWords. Estimates currently hover at around 20% of potential clients and customers (users) who are reached through Bing Ads.

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